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Deck storage

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Spending time in the backyard relaxing and gathering with friends and family is the dream of most homeowners. To keep your outdoor space neat and guest-ready, you’re going to need a place to store cushions, toys, towels, blankets, extra plates, napkins and everyday clutter. Quick access to storage allows the benefit of having these items close at hand, while keeping the deck area neat and tidy.

Waterproof deck boxes are a great way to protect outdoor cushions from the weather. They are available in assorted shapes and sizes, including the size of a small shed with built-in shelving for ample storage. Other deck box features include lids that double as bench seating and integrated wheels for portability.

Another great storage solution are DIY wood benches with hinged seats that lift to allow storage in the cavity below. Wood storage benches can be built into the structure of the deck or function as freestanding.

For ultimate comfort, add a seat cushion covered in outdoor fabric. Patio furniture can also be a source of hidden storage. Look for multi-purpose furniture with integrated pull-out tables and built-in storage in the seats.

Another spot for storing large items, like extra chairs or large garden tools, is the space under the deck. It’s best to put down a floor of treated plywood or patio stones to protect your items from the wet ground.

You can also install ceiling racks typically found in the garage to the underside of the deck to keep everything off the ground.

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