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Protect your knees

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... and the floor you're kneeling on!

Being on your hands and knees to install flooring takes a toll and knee protection is a must have for any DIYer. Save your knees by wearing proper protection for all-day comfort.

3 options for a comfortable flooring installation experience

The TASK Gel Flooring Pro kneepads (T77130) offer the best protection and highest level of comfort while making movement a breeze with a smooth, leather-like surface to glide on.

The next best thing is the neoprene coated delicate terrain model (T77129) that will provide comfort and a smooth glide with a profile thin enough to slip under most work pants.

On a budget? Check out the tradesman kneepad (T77711) – lightly lined, made of high-density foam, the lightweight kneepads will keep you comfortable at an easier price.

Contact your TIMBER MART dealer to get your knees in a pair.

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