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Asphalt roofing shingles

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Out of all the roofing materials available today, asphalt shingles are still one of the more affordable choices. The most popular style of asphalt shingle is the architectural shingle, also called dimensional or laminated. They are made from laminated layers of asphalt-coated fibreglass giving them their dimensional appearance. They are stronger and heavier than traditional 3-tab shingles from the past.

There are different qualities of shingles within the architectural category so cost can vary greatly and budget will play a big part in your shingle choice. If you live in an area with regular high winds and frequent hail storms then you may want to consider a shingle with a high wind and impact resistance rating. These shingles have a higher price tag but will ensure your home is protected. This higher protection may make you eligible for a discount on your home insurance.


The manufacturer warranty is something to consider very carefully when choosing an asphalt shingle. The warranty covers manufacturing defects for a certain amount of time. If there’s an issue with the shingles, the manufacturer’s may cover the cost of repairs. Warranties vary but typically, the better the quality of shingle, the better the warranty. Note that incorrect shingle installation may void your manufacturer warranty so do your homework before you start your roofing project. Most manufacturers allow a one-time warranty transfer to a second home owner but not to a third.

Having trouble visualizing a new roof on your home?

Try an online preview tool with a photo of your home. Click on the manufacturer logo below for their roof visualizer tool.

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