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How to choose vinyl siding

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Vinyl siding remains the number one siding-of-choice among homeowners. It offers an unbeatable combination of durability, affordability and low maintenance. There are many factors to consider when choosing vinyl siding. Use the information below to help you get started:


You can stay with your home’s existing colour or go with something completely different. If you do choose a different colour, make sure it works with existing elements like the roof, bricks and stonework.


Common profiles are lap, clapboard, dutchlap, rabbeted bevel, beaded, board and batten and shake. Each has a different shadow line and is available in assorted textures and widths.

Horizontal or vertical

Horizontal siding has been the go-to choice for decades but vertical siding, also called board and batten, is now a popular choice. It has a distinctive look and can be found on a variety of home styles.

Shake it up

Don’t be afraid to mix texture and colour when selecting materials for the different parts of your house. Changing the siding in the gable ends of your home adds a fresh design dimension.


Finish off your siding project with decorative trim to highlight your home’s architecture. Enhance windows, doors, roofline, corners and any other feature you want to accentuate.


Consider traditional vinyl siding with attached rigid-foam insulation and with an added cost. The foam insulation provides an increased R-value plus better resistance to warping.

TIMBER MART can help you determine the right vinyl siding for your home. We’ll show you the options available, discuss your preferences and budget and make sure your project meets all your expectations.

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