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How to choose roofing & siding colour

In the past, homeowners generally made a safe choice by repeating existing colours when it came to replacing roofing and siding. Today’s homeowners are increasingly choosing to customize their colour choices to create a visually dynamic exterior that reflects their style. However, making large-scale colour decisions can be overwhelming and it can be hard to know where to begin.

Do a bit of research and look at online sites like Pinterest or Houzz to find colour combinations you like. If you have chosen a roofing or siding manufacturer, visit their website – there will often be visualizer software you can upload photos of your house to. If you are unsure about changing the colour of your home, you can also give it a fresh new look by choosing different siding finishes and styles. The house pictured has the same colour siding for the main part of the house and a lighter colour in the gables. The horizontal siding and vertical board and batten siding have been used creatively on different architectural elements to give this traditional home a fresh look.

TIMBER MART carries top quality roofing and siding products from trusted suppliers. Our Experts can ensure a successful roofing and siding project by helping you choose the right materials for your home and budget.

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