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5 snow removal essentials

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Entertaining during the holiday season is the norm for most Canadian households and that means more people than usual on your property. It’s important to keep everyone safe by clearing snow from areas where you and your guests will be walking. Failing to maintain walkways in winter is a safety issue that can set a homeowner up for legal liability if a person is injured after a fall. Keep a couple of snow shovels on hand to clear snow from the front porch, driveway and sidewalk.

There are many sizes and styles of snow shovels so choose one that suits your needs. An ice chopper will be highly effective at removing hard-packed snow or ice. If you live in an area with a significant amount of snowfall each year or if you have a large driveway, consider purchasing a snow blower. You’ll have the snow cleared in a fraction of the time and without a sore back.

Make sure you stock up on salt or rock-based ice melter to tackle ice build-up in traffic areas. Secure Step rubber stair treads and entrance mats reduce the risk of accidental falls on stairs and landings.

Head to TIMBER MART for all of your snow clearing needs. We have the equipment you need to keep your home winter-safe.

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