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Dream garage

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True car and motorcycle lovers want a custom garage that provides a place to tinker in a comfortable (and cool) environment. A weekend or two of relatively simple DIY projects could get you your dream garage to work in and also hang out with friends.

Start with insulation and drywall for the ceiling and walls and finish with a coat of paint. Protect the concrete floor with epoxy floor paint or get fancy with checkerboard concrete floor paint.

Storage will be a big component of your dream garage, you’ll want ample cabinetry to close the doors on clutter. Don’t want to buy new cabinets? Look online for deals on used kitchen cabinets from a kitchen renovation, retrofit the units to your space and paint them a funky colour.

Every good hangout needs a sitting area to kick back after an afternoon’s work, a mini-fridge for cold drinks and don’t forget a big screen tv to watch the game. Good lighting means general overhead lighting so you can work or hangout when the sun goes down and specific task lighting for detail work.

For the serious car enthusiast, consider a car lift to give you complete access to the vehicle’s undercarriage. If you want your dream garage to be four season, include a heat source with ventilation.

Transforming your garage into a dream garage is a great way to utilize space that is already part of your home. Whatever your ideas are, TIMBER MART has top quality materials and expert advice to ensure your garage project will be completed with professional results.

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