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DIY concrete wall systems

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Landscape walls made from molded concrete blocks are an easy DIY weekend project. They are available in many styles and colours and can perform a variety of garden tasks.

There are basically two types of walls: garden walls and retaining walls. Garden walls are typically no higher than 2 to 3 feet tall and are used to create raised garden beds, a seating wall or a landscape feature.

Retaining walls are higher than garden walls and are designed for uneven ground levels to hold back the considerable weight of a slope. Retaining wall stones have a specific function and are heavier and larger than those used to create a garden wall. They sometimes have a hollow core which is backfilled with gravel during installation.

Many garden wall and retaining wall systems have a coordinating cap available for a final finishing top course. Wall capping helps protect your wall and is recommended but often not required.

Fire pits are a popular backyard feature and are built with garden walls stones. They are often available in kits which include everything you need to build a fire pit of a particular size.

Most DIY concrete wall systems are mortar free but some may require landscape adhesive between courses or on the wall capping. Read the manufacturer instructions for installation requirements.

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