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How to install a paver patio

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A paver patio will add outdoor living space to your home and will be virtually maintenance-free except for the occasional power wash.

Paving stones are available in dozens of shapes and colours so you can be as creative as you want with your patio design. To add a style feature, use one paver for the main body of your patio and use a different paver in a different colour along the outer edge to frame it.

Installation is an easy DIY project and can be done in a weekend depending on the size of your patio. It’s important to carefully prepare the patio base to ensure a solid surface with minimal heaving in the winter.

To maintain the shape and integrity of your patio, install paver edging around the perimeter and sweep polymeric sand between pavers to lock them in place and deter weed growth.

TIMBER MART carries an assortment of pavers for patios and pathways too. We’ll help you figure out the right paver and the right quantity for your outdoor project.

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