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Outdoor spring cleaning tips

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Warm spring weather has finally come and it’s time to roll up your sleeves and clean up the yard for summer.

Start by removing dead plants, leaves and debris from your gardens. Give your lawn a light raking to help revive the grass ahead of the growing season and to remove leaves and anything else that has blown onto your yard through the winter. Cleaning up the garden and lawn will make a big difference in how your outdoors looks. But you’re not finished!

Prune away any dead branches on trees and shrubs and use your pruners to reshape if necessary. Spring is a great time to add compost to your gardens and fertilize the lawn. Take advantage of the spring rain and reseed problem areas of your lawn. If you have an issue with insects or furry pests, take preventative action before they make a home in your yard.

Once you have finished cleaning up the growing areas of your yard, inspect your hardscape landscaping. Check the deck, patio and sidewalks for damage and make any necessary repairs. Look for wobbly fence posts and loose fence boards to see if they need replacing. Clean hard surfaces with a pressure washer to remove slippery algae spots, leaf stains and grime. Refresh outdoor furniture by washing with dish soap and warm water.

Spring cleanup may sound like a lot of work but it’s a great way to spend a day or two outside in the spring sunshine. And, come summer, you can enjoy the fruits of your labours.

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