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3 ways to use black

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There’s an old interior designer rule that every room should have a bit of black in it and today’s homeowners are embracing it.

Black as a colour for interior walls and decor is becoming a popular trend for people looking to add a bold punch to their style. It’s an easy colour to add because black is a neutral that goes with almost every colour and complements both the grey and beige colour families.

Like any colour, there are many different versions of black. Black is simply the darkest version of another colour so look to the lighter colours on the paint sample to find the underlying colour. The more popular shades of black today lean towards charcoal or brown/black.

1. Start small

If you are hesitant about adding black to your home, perhaps limit it to a piece of furniture or a few decor accessories.

2. Feature wall

If you like black but not too much, consider painting a single feature wall. If you find that you love it, you have the option to paint the rest of the space the same colour.

3. Black on all walls

Black on every wall will certainly make a dramatic statement but keep in mind that you will need several sources of good day and night lighting. Dark colours absorb a lot of light so this is an important factor.

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