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What’s new in roofing

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Roofing technology is changing in ways to improve durability and increase sustainability while remaining beautiful to look at.

Vinyl shake roof

This is a durable synthetic roofing material with the look of natural, hand-split cedar shakes. Vinyl shakes are manufactured in multiple widths and thickness with a deeply grooved and wood-grained texture to give an authentic, natural look. Colour will not fade like it will
with a natural shake roof and vinyl shakes are resistant to rotting,
cracking, and pests.

Metal roofing tiles

Metal tiles have been around for a few years and are improving on their resemblance to natural materials. The three common natural materials are stone slate, wood shake and terracotta. Improved paint finishes and surface textures allow them to have a less-manufactured appearance. This makes them ideal for homes with traditional architecture that want the strength and durability of a metal roof but would not suit the conventional ribbed metal style.

Climate change

Today’s roofing systems have to withstand more extreme weather than in the past and this has an affect on the lifespan of roofing material. For a good reliable roof to stand up to extreme weather conditions, look for roofing with a high wind and hail impact rating. Two of the top choices are metal roofing and polymer modified shingles. These are asphalt shingles with an added polymer that rubberizes the asphalt to give it a much higher extreme weather rating.

Multiple roofing materials

It used to be that style options in roofing materials were limited to mostly colour only. Today, there are many options that offer a variety of different looks for the roof of a home. Architects and designers are combining roofing materials to highlight architectural features on new-build homes. Often you will see a home with an asphalt roof over the main structure but with a metal roof over the porch or a copper roof over a bump-out. This small change is a high end look that adds interest to the architecture.

Go solar!

Solar panels on rooftops are no longer an unusual feature on Canadian residential homes. The benefits to the environment and lower energy costs make them an increasingly popular choice. Talk to a professional about: the type of panels available in your area; how many you need for your home; how much energy they will generate and how much energy you require. Solar panels properly installed by a professional will not impact your roofing warranty.

Solar shingles

Don’t like the look of solar panels on your roof? Consider solar shingles. They have the appearance of typical roofing materials but generate electricity the same way conventional solar panels do. Solar shingle technology is new to the industry and is still developing so the cost is high. As the technology improves, the use of solar shingles is likely to increase and cost will come down.

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