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6 Elements of a low-maintenance backyard

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It’s great to spend precious time-off relaxing in a beautiful backyard surrounded by lush gardens and the perfect lawn. But not too many people have a lot of time to spend maintaining a labour-intensive yard. All backyards require a certain amount of maintenance but there are ways to make this task less arduous.

1. Hardscape

Landscaping with patios, walkways and decks will lessen the weekly upkeep of grass and gardens. The weekly maintenance needed for hardscape areas is less than the planted areas of your backyard.

2. Composite decking

The maintenance of a wood deck is far higher than that of a composite deck. Composite requires the occasional sweep and an annual power wash only.

3. Sprinkler system

This is the ideal low maintenance way to water plants and lawns. Set your system on a timer for maximum efficiency.

4. Mulch

Adding a 4-5 inch layer of mulch onto your gardens will drastically reduce weeds and keep moisture in your garden beds longer.

5. Perennials

Plants that come up year after year will save on annual planting. Choose drought tolerant perennials for even less maintenance.

6. Rock garden

Plants in rock gardens are typically drought tolerant and combined with rocks make a beautiful visual statement.

Visit your local TIMBER MART for supplies to turn your backyard into a low-maintenance oasis.

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