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Spring clean-up: where to start

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After a long winter and as the weather warms up into spring, Canadians start venturing outside. With this change of seasons, you can take advantage of the longer, warmer days by beginning your outdoor spring clean-up. Getting your property cleaned up now will make a big difference in how your property looks.

A power washer is a tremendous tool to have when cleaning outdoor surfaces. Power washers are available with nozzles for cleaning large areas like the driveway, deck, fence, walkway and the walls of your home. Other nozzles can clean smaller jobs like gutters, outdoor furniture, barbecue grill, garbage cans and recycling bins. Some surfaces with stubborn grime may require a soap solution with your power washer.

Sweep cobwebs from exterior doorways, windows, ceilings, walls and corners. To clean light mould off outdoor soft furnishings like cushions and umbrellas, use a solution of 3 parts water and 1 part white vinegar and use a soft bristled scrub brush. Brighten your exterior lighting by washing glass shades and replace burnt out bulbs if needed.

Windows and screens accumulate grime over the winter and cleaning them will allow more light into your home. Make the glass in your windows sparkle by cleaning with a purchased window cleaner or use a home-made solution. Using a squeegee on a cloudy day will reduce streaks on the glass and will speed up the process.

Your local TIMBER MART has everything you need to get started on your spring cleaning and backyard projects. Visit us in-store for supplies and expert advice.

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