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How to design a front gate

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A well-designed gate not only provides security and privacy, it is also a beautiful welcome to your property. Building a wood gate is an easy weekend project for the average DIY-er.

When planning your gate, decide if you want it completely private or if you want to be able to see through it. Spacing gate boards or adding a gate insert will allow you to see out and others to see in.

The maximum gate width is typically 42 inches and gates this wide will need a cross-brace. Build the cross-brace in the top corner opposite the hinges, and pointing down to the lower hinged side. The cross-brace angle should be greater than 45 degrees from the base to ensure the gate can support itself for many years. Gates can be quite heavy so choose good quality hinges rated for the weight of your gate.

Design your gate to match the design of the fence. You can let the wood blend naturally with the rest of your fence or stain it a colour to make it stand out. To really give it some presence, add a pergola or arbor surround.

TIMBER MART has everything you need to make a great entrance. Visit your local store for supplies and know-how.

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