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Deck screws

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Wondering how many and what type of screw for your deck project?

Choosing the correct screw for the different elements of your deck project can be confusing. RELIABLE FASTENERS have provided this simple chart to help guide you to the right size and right type of screw for each step of your build.

Once you decide which screws and fasteners, next figure out how many you need for your size deck. If you are building a standard size deck, see the RELIABLE FASTENERS chart for quantities. If your deck is a more custom size, use the math formula provided. Not good with math? A TIMBER MART Deck Specialist can calculate the number of screws you’ll need for the size of deck you are building.

From treated wood to cedar to composite decking, TIMBER MART can provide the right deck screws and fasteners to get the job done. We can also answer your questions and provide helpful tips and advice.

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