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Design a deck built-in

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Looking to make a statement with your new deck? Consider adding built-ins during your planning stage. They provide functionality to an outdoor space.

Built-ins are most often in the form of seating, storage, planters and even ponds. Seating is probably the most common deck built-in. A bench built along the perimeter of a deck is a good way to provide seating for a large group of people. Benches can be constructed with backs or without. They can also be designed with integrated storage boxes beneath making them a great place to store outdoor cushions.

If you need a lot of storage, consider building a full-length locker at one end of your deck. Planters add a beautiful garden feature to a deck and can cleverly provide privacy at the same time. A built-in planter can also break up a large deck into two spaces. Decks with custom built-in features can turn your outdoor space into something unique and extraordinary.

Visit your local TIMBER MART to start your deck project. We can provide expert advice, make recommendations and help you gather your supplies.

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