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How to choose an entry door

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Exterior doors must be tough enough to withstand our extreme Canadian climate yet welcoming and beautiful. While style will play a huge role in what your door will look like, an equally important decision is what your door is made of. Most are manufactured with a combination of materials but it’s the surface material that most affects appearance, durability, security and price.

Steel and fibreglass doors are the most common and it seems to be a close race between these two for the top spot. Which one is better depends on your preference and often your budget.

The size of your door opening will determine if you go for a single door, one sidelite, two sidelites, double doors, or an added transom window above. Many doors include integrated windows in a variety of sizes and glass can be elaborately patterned or have simple grills. Below the window, there is usually an option of a single or double panel detail. Doors are available in a variety of factory applied colours or you can go with factory white and paint your door the exact shade you want. You also have the option of slab doors or pre-hung doors.

A slab door is just the door by itself. A pre-hung door is a slab door pre-packaged with its own frame and hinges. A slab door is less expensive and a good option if you are only replacing an existing door and not the frame. Pre-hung doors are an ideal choice if your existing door frame needs replacing or if you want to enlarge the door opening.

Choosing an entry door can seem overwhelming with each door system having its own set of options and innovations. Our Door Specialists can guide you to the right choice.


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