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How to combine doors & windows

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Provide maximum viewing of the outdoors and fill your interior spaces with light by installing doors and windows adjacent to each other. This high end look can be achieved without a high end price by pairing stock-sized doors with stock-sized windows.

Decide first how you want them to function. You may want some windows to be fixed and non-operating while others open for ventilation. Decide on the ventilation requirements for the room and start planning from there.

Next, find out the stock sizes available for your chosen doors and windows. Your local TIMBER MART carries a wide assortment of in-stock doors and windows in various sizes, plus even more options available by special order.

Accurate measuring will be key for this project. You may also want to consider adding an internal grill detail. Internal grills add a classic look while no grills are more contemporary. Or, you can mix it up as shown in the photo above.

Once the doors and windows are installed, apply moulding to the combination as if it is one unit. This will tie it all together and will give you a high end, custom look.

If you have questions or need to use TIMBER MART’s special order services, talk to one of our Door & Window Experts. Let our expert advice guide you to the right door and window choices for your project.

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