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Weather stripping

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With rising energy costs, it’s important to seal out cold air to lower utility bills while simultaneously keeping your home warm and cozy. If your doors or windows are well caulked but you still feel a draft, then you are probably in need of weather stripping. Doors require weather stripping on the top and sides of the frame plus a door sweep that attaches directly to the door at the bottom.

The type of windows you have will determine what kind of weather stripping you need and where to put it. There are many types of weather stripping and most can be used for both doors and windows. Peel-and-stick foam tape is the easiest to apply, is quite inexpensive but will only last a few years. For better longevity, install v-type or compression weather stripping. Both are easy to install and are not noticeable once installed.

If you are unsure which weather stripping is best for your home, talk to a Door & Window Expert at TIMBER MART. We’ll show you the options available and the benefits of each.

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