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6 types of drywall mud

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Drywall mud, also called drywall compound, is a gypsum-based mixture used to finish drywall seams, corners and edges in new drywall installations. It is also effective for repairing damaged drywall. There are many different kinds of compound. Below are a few facts to know before you decide what is best for your project.

1. All purpose

All purpose drywall compound is the most common compound. It applies smoothly, hardens after a couple hours and is easily sanded. This compound is suitable for all mudding applications.

2. Lightweight all purpose

Weighs up to 30% less than regular compound making it easier to handle, apply and sand. This compound is suitable for all mudding applications and is great for the DIY-er.

3. Taping compound

This mud is specifically used over drywall tape. It is tougher and hardens faster.

4. Topping compound

Some people like to use this as the last and final coat. It goes on super smooth and requires less sanding.

The types of drywall mud mentioned above are available in ready-to-use or in powdered form.

5. Ready-mixed

Just as the name implies, this compound is pre-mixed and ready-to-use. It is very convenient with no mixing required.

6. Dry compound

This compound is in powdered form and is mixed with water. You can mix it to the consistency you need and easily store unused compound for later jobs.

For more drywall tips, speak with your local TIMBER MART building experts. We can help you choose the right products for your renovation or new build.

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