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Concrete sealants

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Simple solutions for heavy-duty projects

Reach for a concrete sealant if you need to fix cracks in garage floors, sidewalks, driveways, or other concrete floor surfaces in or near your garage. While some of these occurrences are simply unsightly, others, like gaps in concrete flooring, can be dangerous and need to be repaired quickly. If you have a repair project at hand, you will want to use a flexible filling material that expands and contracts as materials move.

Concrete surfaces, such as garage floors and driveways, are regularly exposed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, so your sealant will need to resist abrasion and tear. Additionally, if you are sealing contraction/expansion joints on these surfaces, you will need a sealant that forms flexible bonds that consistently withstand joint movement without distortion or failure. This flexibility protects the original seal and helps it stay resistant to weather, stress and movement. LePage PL Polyurethane Concrete Crack & Masonry Sealant does all that and more: It is virtually unaffected by extreme temperature changes and can be painted to blend in with surroundings for a professional look. Additionally, it can be used for old or new concrete, but if you are applying it to fresh concrete, make sure it is fully cured before you start sealing.

No matter the project, LePage has the right sealant solution for your needs and TIMBER MART has a wide selection of LePage products so you can the job done right!

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