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Paint your garage interior

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Painting the interior of your garage is not that much different than painting the interior of your home. More care should be taken in the prep stage since the garage can be quite a dirty space.

Start by vacuuming the walls and ceiling to remove dust, loose dirt and cobwebs. Use interior latex paint and not exterior paint for this indoor space. Exterior paint is not recommended since it often has anti-mildew additives and wasn’t meant to be used in a closed-in space.

For the walls and ceiling, Sico Evolution is combined paint and primer and can be applied to bare drywall, saving you a step. Eggshell finish is fine for the walls but satin or semi-gloss will be easier to clean.

For trim and the small entrance door, use Sico Doors and Trim interior paint for maximum durability. Both these Sico paints are ultra-scrubbable making cleaning easier.

The colour you choose is completely a personal decision. Garages tend to be dark and shadowy so a light colour is recommended. Any room with a fresh coat of paint is an easy and inexpensive transformation and the garage is no different. It will immediately look cleaner, brighter and well maintained

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