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Exterior finishes

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When building a garage, the exterior finishes you choose can have a big visual impact on the overall look of your property. Upgraded siding and a stone skirt can turn a utility building into an architectural extension of your home. James Hardie® fibre cement siding products are designed to resist the most extreme weather conditions while delivering long term beauty and low maintenance.

Enjoy the warm, natural look of wood siding with unprecedented peace of mind. Adding the look of natural stone immediately gives a high end look and for not necessarily a high end cost.

Fusion Stone is an easy and budget-friendly way to beautifully upgrade your garage. Other finishes to consider are exterior lighting, side door, windows and roof material. When making your exterior finish decisions, don’t forget about maintenance. Choose materials that won’t require constant upkeep.

Our Build Experts can help you determine the right material for your garage project. We’ll discuss your preferences and budget, show you options and make sure your project meets all your expectations.

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