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June homeowner to-do checklist

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Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a first-time homeowner, our June homeowner to-do list has you covered. From outdoor home maintenance tasks to indoor upgrades, make your way through our checklist and get your homer ready for summer today.

Clean out window wells

Clean out any visible debris from the window wells around your house. Built up debris can cause the window seal to fail and allow possible water damage. Remove debris by hand then use a wet/dry vac to clean out the smaller bits. Investing in window well covers will prevent an annual buildup of debris.

Schedule outdoor projects

If you have a major outdoor project planned, now is the time to make sure you have your appointments in place for any professionals you’ve hired. Make sure you have all the required building permits before the day the work is scheduled to begin. Set up deliveries for any materials needed.

Fertilize your lawn

Summer heat is tough on grass, so fertilizing helps protect and strengthen it. Apply a high-nitrogen summer lawn fertilizer to your grass and water in deeply. Be careful to not apply too much fertilizer or not enough water because you could burn your lawn. Applying fertilizer just before a big rain storm can help to prevent lawn burn.

Check foundation

Walk the perimeter of your home and look for areas around the foundation where the ground has settled and ground water could run towards the house. Fill in any sunken areas and change the terrain if necessary so that water runs away from the foundation. A good drainage system will help keep your foundation dry.

Seal granite countertops

Granite is a natural stone and a very durable countertop material. It is also porous and should be treated with a penetrating sealer annually to reduce the chance of surface stains. Resealing is a simple process and can be done in a day. Following the manufacturer’s instructions for application.

Test carbon monoxide and smoke detector batteries

Regularly test all your battery powered and hard wired detectors. Most detectors have a test button and will sound a short alarm that indicates the unit is working. Replace any non-functioning or outdated detectors.

Check siding & masonry

Inspect the siding, stone and brickwork around your home. Look for anything loose or cracked and repair. If you have major damage you may need to schedule repair with a siding or masonry professional. Also, check exterior surfaces for peeling paint and retouch where necessary.

Check garage door

A garage door has a lot of moving parts and an annual inspection can catch issues before they become bigger problems. Check to see that your door moves smoothly and stays open when fully up or half way up. Look for signs of wear and tear on the cables, motor, springs and door. Also check weatherstripping and replace if necessary.

Clean out the shed

When spring planting and landscaping is done, consider cleaning out and reorganizing your shed. It’s surprising how much clutter accumulates. Start by emptying the shed and sweep or vacuum out debris. Organize by adding storage shelves and hooks. Then only add back items that you actually use.

Remove standing water

Spring rains can bring a lot of water so look for areas where water accumulates. Water pooling around your home can damage the foundation, rot wood posts, create mould and mildew and invite mosquitoes. Ensure that water drains away from your house by changing the terrain and using rain gutter extenders.

Seal windows & doors

Caulking dries out and hardens as it ages so it’s a good idea to annually check the caulking around windows and doors. Look for gaps and cracks that let in water and air. Remove the failed caulking and replace. There are caulking softeners you can purchase to make removal easier.

Repair patios and walkways

Uneven stone or concrete patios and walkways can become tripping hazards. Look for changes in surface that could cause a fall and repair. Give them an annual powerwash to clean off grime and algae that could become slippery when wet. Top up polymeric sand between pavers every few years.

Find everything you eneed to perform your summer home maintenance tasks at your local TIMBER MART. From tools and building materials to expert advice, we’re your one-stop-shop for summer home improvements and upkeep.

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