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12 ways to keep thieves out of your garage

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Most people are careful to secure their home’s doors and windows from burglary but often the garage is left vulnerable. Below are 12 tips to make your garage less attractive to thieves.

1. Lock up

Keep exterior doors that open manually locked. Secure with a deadbolt lock and a reinforced strike plate installed with minimum 3-inch screws.

2. Lighting

Install motion-activated lighting outside garage windows and doors, especially in shadowy areas. Install lights 10-12 feet above the ground so they can’t be reached to deactivate.

3. Landscaping

Keep entry points into your garage clear of trees and bushes. You want everyone in the neighbourhood to have a clear view of the area around your garage.

4. Close garage door

Leaving your garage door open unnecessarily for long periods of time exposes the contents of your garage to strangers.

5. Cover windows

Burglars look through garage windows in search of valuables and to check for vehicles to see if anyone is home.

6. Emergency door release

A thief with a coat hanger can open your garage door by pushing in on the top of the garage door and hooking the emergency door release cord. The easiest way to prevent this is to simply secure the cord with a zip tie.

7. Replace old garage doors

An old, warped garage door is less resistant to a break-in. If you have gaps or openings, consider upgrading your garage door.

8. Store valuables in the house

Reduce risk of theft by a hundred percent by not leaving valuables in the garage or inside your vehicles.

9. Lock up your tools

For tools and valuables that must be stored in the garage, consider building or purchasing garage cabinetry with secure locks.

10. Garage door remote

A garage door opener kept in your car is a key into your garage. Instead use a key chain remote or a smartphone app available on newer garage doors.

11. Be a good neighbour

Being on good terms with your neighbours means watching for suspicious activity around their homes and they in turn will watch out for your property.

12. Install a garage security system

Homes with visible security systems are far less likely to be targeted by thieves and garages should be included in the overall security net.

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