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Kitchen finishes

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Choosing finishes is one of the best parts of a kitchen renovation. The first place to start is with the biggest expense and that is kitchen cabinetry. Cabinets will set the style of the kitchen and will be what people notice first. After that, other finishes should complement your chosen style.

Aside from appliances, countertops are the next biggest expense and often budget will decide whether you go with laminate, butcher block, solid surface or stone. A popular trend is to have one countertop material around the perimeter of the kitchen and another material for the island. This is not only an interesting design detail but can be a budget saver too if you choose an inexpensive material for the perimeter and splurge on the smaller island countertop.

Other finishes to consider is the colour of metal in cabinet hardware, lighting, faucet and sink. Be careful not to have too many metal colours in your kitchen. They don’t necessarily have to match but they should complement each other.

The backsplash you choose can really reflect your personal style and add understated elegance or bold drama.

The finishes you choose can make a powerful design statement and give your kitchen a custom look. When planning your kitchen renovation, come talk to us. We carry the latest in style and technology and we’ll help you achieve the perfect kitchen that best fits your needs and budget.

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