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Cabinetry Trends

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Cabinets are the star of any kitchen and provide a backdrop for gatherings with family and friends. They not only have to look good, they have to maximize storage and be solidly built to last.

But the kitchen is not the only place to install cabinetry. Today’s homeowners want storage solutions throughout the home. Adding built-in storage to other rooms not only makes them function better, it will also add value to your property.

Upper and lower kitchen cabinets work well in the laundry room and can transform a chaotic space and into a tidy one. A vanity doesn’t have to be the only storage area in a bathroom. If space allows, how about adding a row of cabinets that are the depth of kitchen upper cabinets? With a little imagination you can install cabinets in unexpected places such as a mudroom, a bar or even a window seat.

White cabinetry is still the number one choice for both kitchen and bathroom but wood tones are becoming more popular. Wood colours are lighter and more greyed. The simple shaker door remains the cabinet style of choice among homeowners although variations are starting to pop up. Current trends continue to reflect a simplified and minimal design direction.

Come in and talk to one of our Kitchen Experts to discuss your cabinet ideas. We partner with the best cabinet suppliers who give careful attention to style and quality construction.

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