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Get a handle on style with Richelieu decorative hardware

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Looking to put the last touch on a renovation project? Do you need to update cabinets with the latest trends and styles? Is a piece of furniture in need of jazzing up? Decorative hardware can certainly help by making an ordinary space extraordinary.

Richelieu has a grand collection of knobs and pulls available in new trendy finishes and styles. Choices such as matte black, bronze, orion grey and brushed gold will be a perfect pairing with your cabinetry. These assortments will add a touch of fun as well as style to any living space.

If the goal is to be more experimental while staying in line with new trends, our items with contrasting finishes and textured materials will work exceptionally well. A unique and cutting-edge look will be achieved.

To find out more, contact your TIMBER MART dealer.

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