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How to choose the right sink and faucet

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Sinks and faucets are like fashion accessories for your kitchen or bathroom and can make a powerful design statement. They function alongside each other, so keep the overall design aesthetic in mind and if you can, shop for them together.

The size of a kitchen or bathroom sink will be determined by the size of the cabinet it sits on and both have undermount or overmount installation options. Kitchen sinks are available in assorted materials with stainless steel being the most popular. Some people prefer a kitchen sink with one big bowl, others prefer a double bowl configuration.

Bathroom sinks are usually single bowl with the most common made of white porcelain with other colour options available for an added cost. Some bathroom sinks are seamlessly integrated into the countertop and others are decorative vessel designs that sit like a dish on the countertop.

There are many great styles of kitchen and bathroom faucets available but there are also important functions that should be considered. A pull-out spray and motion activation are very popular features in kitchen faucets while wall-mounted bathroom faucets are a growing trend.

Both kitchen and bathroom faucets are available in assorted heights but keep in mind that taller bathroom faucets are generally only used with vessel sinks. Faucets are available in an array of finishes including trendy matte black. If spots and fingerprints on your faucet will drive you crazy, consider a spot-resistant stainless or brushed nickel finish.

For both rooms, it’s a good idea to choose one metal finish for the plumbing fixtures, lighting and the other metal elements. One metal finish in your space will give a cohesive look and tie your design together.

When you are at the planning stage of your kitchen or bathroom renovation, come talk to a TIMBER MART Expert. We’ll answer your questions, explain your options and keep you on budget.

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