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How to plan & budget your renovation

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Renovating an old and tired kitchen or bathroom is an opportunity to not only refresh the room’s aesthetics but also take advantage of new materials that offer far greater efficiency and durability.

Both kitchen and bathroom renovations add value to your home and offer a great return-on-investment compared to other home renovations. Start by creating a wish list of all the bells and whistles you’d like to include then start researching pricing and function. Your wish list has to fit the space you have available and has to function well for you and your family.

Before you settle on a floor plan, map out the traffic patterns and see if you have enough room to comfortably maneuver. You can even use masking tape on the floor to mark where everything will go. Budget will determine the scope of your project and the finishes. If you are a handy DYI-er, doing your own installation will save big. Consider using stock cabinets instead of custom made, or perhaps a mix of both. If you would rather leave parts of the process to the professionals, factor that cost into your budget.

Running new plumbing or moving existing plumbing can greatly add to your renovation budget. If possible, keep sinks, toilets and showers close to their original location. If you must move something, sinks may be the cheapest to re-position.

Once you know your budget, stick to it. You should also include a contingency budget for those unforeseen issues. A typical contingency budget is at least 10% of the project’s budget.


When researching the cost of a project, sticker-shock can easily set in. But don’t be discouraged. If you plan your kitchen or bath renovation around a few key focal points, you can get away with lower priced items elsewhere. Decide which finishes are most important to you and put your money there. If possible avoid trends and stick to classic design. You may love that trend today but will you like it in five years?

TIMBER MART can help you with the style and functionality that works best for your project goals and budget. Come in and talk to our Project Experts. We’re here to help.

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