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April homeowner to-do checklist

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Embrace the warmth of spring, roll up your sleeves and dive into some essential home maintenance tasks with help from TIMBER MART. From sprucing up our outdoor spaces to ensuring our homes are ready for April showers (and May flowers), there’s no shortage of projects to tackle. Here are the top 12 things to add to your April homeowner to-do list:

Replace furnace filter

The beginning of April can be cold so your furnace will most likely still be in use, especially when the sun goes down. Check your furnace filter and replace if necessary. Not every filter will need to be changed. Generally, the more narrow the filter, the more often it will need to be changed.

Wash windows & exterior doors

Mild spring weather is ideal for cleaning windows and doors and if possible, choose a cloudy day. Direct sunshine makes cleaners evaporate too quickly and can leave streaks on glass. Clean both sides of windows and doors especially anywhere that is touched by hands on a regular basis like handles and locks.

Clean up the yard

After the snow melts, remove any debris on your property that has accumulated over winter. Give the lawn a rake to remove the buildup of thatch. Clean out dead leaves from gardens so that spring plants have room to grow. Prune dead branches from trees and shrubs. Inspect your driveway and walkways to see if repairs are necessary.

Clean garbage & recycling bins

An easy way to clean garbage and recycling bins is to combine a cup of white vinegar with a bucket of hot water and let it soak in the bin for an hour. Then empty and let air dry. For tough grime you may need to use a stiff bristled scrub brush. Baking soda left inside the bin overnight helps absorb odours.

Schedule A/C inspection

Your outside air conditioning unit should be inspected in the spring before the heat of summer. An HVAC professional will give the unit a deep clean to remove debris as well as perform a full inspection and any necessary maintenance or repairs. Be sure to book early so you are ready for the summer.

Boost curb appeal

Spring is a great time to boost your home’s curb appeal. Small projects such as replacing outdoor light fixtures, updating your house numbers or installing a new mailbox can make a big difference. Planters with flowers on either side of the front door makes a welcoming entry and solar pathway lights add an element of style and safety.

Plant a tree

The best time to plant a tree is in early spring or in the fall when temperatures are cooler. In spring, planting after the ground has warmed and the weather remains cool allows a newly planted tree to focus its energy on growing roots instead of leaves. Young trees will also benefit from plentiful spring rain.

Clean your toaster

A build up of crumbs can become a fire hazard so it’s a good idea to keep your toaster clean. Unplug the toaster then remove crumb trap at the bottom. Clean off crumbs and wash the trap. Turn toaster upside down and shake it over the sink to remove loose crumbs. Take a small clean, dry paintbrush and clean out any remaining crumbs inside.

Check safety devices

Test batteries on smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and replace if needed. Also check the expiry date of your alarms replace the entire unit if past. Smoke alarms should be replaced after 10 years, while carbon monoxide alarms have a lifetime of 5 to 7 years. Refer to your user manual for exact expiration details.

Inspect basement

April is typically a wet month and the temperature can fluctuate from thawing to freezing. This makes basements vulnerable to flooding. A rapid thaw can result in standing water close to your foundation and if the ground is still frozen, water can funnel to your foundation wall. If you see water in your basement, make any necessary repairs.

Check roof

Your roof takes a beating during the winter months so when the weather is clear enough, check your roof for damage. Look for missing, buckling, cracked or broken shingles and replace if necessary. Check all flashing to make sure it is intact and secure. Also clear out gutters and downspouts so they can run free with spring rain.

2024 DIY projects

Start pricing DIY projects you want to get done this summer. Think about all the materials and tools you will need and how much it will cost to hire professionals for the parts of your project that are beyond your DIY capabilities. Be sure to contact those professionals early in the season so you get your job scheduled.

Remember, crossing these little maintenance tasks off your list now can save you from headaches down the road. Head into your local building experts for supplies and get started on your April homeowner to-do list today.

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