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How to be bold with colour

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Is playing it safe with popular neutral colours not your thing? Then take a walk on the wild side with deep, rich colour. Nothing adds a punch to a room like a budget-friendly coat of bold coloured paint. Choose dark jewel tones rather than bright saturated colour. Deep muted tones are visually easier to live with and easier to decorate around. If you are unsure about committing to painting an entire room, consider painting a single feature wall or a small room like a powder room.

Because you are making a big colour commitment, start your search for the perfect colour by testing large samples on each wall in your space. Check at different times of the day with natural and lamp lighting. Skipping this step and choosing a bold colour from a small chip is risky.

Painting in dark colours has it’s own set of application rules that differ from lighter paints. Surface imperfections on your walls will show more, so thorough wall prep is a must. Your walls should be smooth and with the same texture throughout. Edges where dark paint meets trim or the ceiling must be straight, so if you don’t have a steady hand, apply bleed-proof painter’s tape. To avoid painting multiple coats for solid coverage, start with a tinted primer and top with really good quality paint.

Start your paint project at your local TIMBER MART. Our paint experts can help you choose the right colour, finish and quantity of paint.

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