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Build a fire pit

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(from a kit)

A wood-burning fire pit is a great addition to your outdoor entertaining area and one that can be relished year-round. Building a fire pit from a kit is an easy DIY weekend project.

Kits can be square or circular and include enough heat-resistant concrete stones to build a pit usually three rows high with no need for cutting. Each fire kit brand has it’s own set of instructions but generally they all start with a level and compacted gravel base. You can have the first row beneath ground level or have it sit on ground level.

If your kit includes a steel liner, use that as your template when you lay the first row of stones. Make sure your stones are level and lay a bead of landscape block adhesive between rows for stability. Adding a layer of lava rock to the base of your firepit will increase the heat generated by the burning wood.

Fire pit safety tips

  • Always check with your municipality for local fire codes before you start your project. There may be limits on the size of the fire pit you can build, how far it can be from your home or other structures as well as limits on which days you can burn
  • Build on level ground
  • Don’t place a fire pit beneath a tree or overhang
  • Don’t build on a wood deck
  • Teach your kids about fire safety and always have an adult supervise
  • Keep a hose or fire extinguisher close by

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