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Outdoor kitchen

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Build the ultimate in backyard living!

An outdoor kitchen provides all your cooking and entertaining needs where everyone gathers. Just like interior kitchens, the outdoor version comes in many styles and finishes. They can be as basic as a counter on either side of a propane grill or as custom as your budget will allow with multiple built-in cookers, running water and a drinks fridge.

Things to consider when planning your outdoor kitchen are how you intend to cook, available space, surface finishes and budget. If you decide to start small, plan for future expansion in your design. Use pressure treated lumber to build the kitchen frame and include framing for any built-in fixtures.

How you clad your framing will depend on what exterior finishes you have chosen for the body of the kitchen as well as the countertops.

All surfaces should be durable enough to withstand our Canadian climate. The most common kitchen finishes are wood, stone veneer and brick, while countertops are most often made from natural stone or concrete.

Factor in lighting and shelter at the planning stage for cooking at night and during inclement weather. Nearby seating will allow you to socialize with guests while you cook.

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