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How to build an outdoor shower

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Outdoor showers are becoming more popular and not just for homes with pools. Many pool owners install an outdoor shower so that people can rinse off before and after using the pool. But for those that don’t own a pool, what could be better after working hard in the garden or after a 5K run than cooling off in a refreshing shower outside?

The simplest outdoor shower requires an exterior water source, a shower mechanism and a drainage floor. More sophisticated shower systems have hot and cold running water, walls for privacy and perhaps an attached change room.

Before you start planning your outdoor shower, check your local building codes to find out if there are plumbing and drainage requirements for your area. If you want a hot and cold water shower, you’ll need to run a hot water line from the interior of your home and a building permit may be required.

Outdoor showers don’t generally need a complex drainage system, a simple dry well built beneath the shower is usually enough. This involves digging a hole larger than the base of the shower and filling it with gravel so the water can freely disperse. The size and depth of the dry well depends on where you live, check with your municipality for the dry well requirements for your area.

The shower floor that people will stand on has to allow water to easily fall into the dry well below. Wood slats spaced at least 1/8″ apart and screwed into a wood frame will allow maximum drainage or consider concrete pavers evenly spaced on a bed of gravel.

If you want to build an outdoor shower, head into your local TIMBER MART for building supplies, materials and expert advice.

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