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Light up your exterior

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There are three major functions of outdoor lighting: safety, security and ambiance. A well-lit outdoors makes navigating around your property easier and safer while deterring intruders.

Typical areas to light up are your front porch, exterior doors, house numbers, entertainment and cooking areas, steps, garage, walkways and landscaping. Light up the front of your house with decorative wall and pendant lighting, soffit lights as well as flood lights pointed up into trees or directed at the house. Light up walkways with path lights, placed 10 to 15 feet apart, to softly illuminate the way.

All these types of lighting can be incorporated into your backyard along with additional lighting to make an inviting outdoor space for entertaining. These can include postcap lights, deck lights, fence lights, overhead strings of lights and decorative lanterns. Well placed motion activated security lights are a good idea for both the front and back of your property.

It’s recommended to use LED outdoor lights wherever possible. LEDs give you brighter light with a longer life and use significantly less energy. Solar-powered lights are great for areas where there is plenty of sunshine and electricity is not easily accessible.

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