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Backyard fun

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Spending time in the backyard with family and friends is one of the best things about summer living in Canada. A well-planned and well-built entertainment area will turn your backyard into a functional extension of your indoor living space. Providing a shaded deck or patio with comfortable seating allows you to host a summer barbeque with friends or an important family gathering. Consider adding a fire pit so that when the sun goes down, the fun continues into the night.

Outdoor living areas also give you a place to personally relax and unwind. There’s no denying that being outside in the fresh air and sunshine reduces stress levels and gives your mood a boost. Activities such as gardening, swimming or playing games with your children help to maintain your overall well-being.

Creating a welcoming backyard not only benefits you and your family, it also increases your home’s resale value. With improvements like a dining area, lounge space or fire pit, you can improve the chance of selling your home faster and maximize its value.

Whatever ideas you have for your backyard, TIMBER MART can help with quality materials and expert advice. We’ll provide you with options and figure out what is right for you and your budget. To get started, visit your local TIMBER MART today.

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