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Build a better backyard

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The backyard has increasingly become more important as a place for quiet refuge and as a multi-functional entertainment destination for friends and family. Today’s homeowners want outdoor living to have the same level of style and comfort that they enjoy in their indoor spaces. Creating a seamless multi-functional outdoor living space in your backyard starts with a plan.

Think of how you want to use your backyard and design it in phases to keep the cost manageable. Areas for cooking, dining and entertaining will most likely be included in the first phase. For the next phase, think of an outdoor kitchen that might include a built-in grill, smoker and pizza oven. After that, perhaps a pond with a waterfall or an outdoor fireplace.

Whatever the needs of your family, creating an outdoor living space can be a fun and creative process that adds value to your home. Do your research and figure out a budget. Doing most of your projects yourself will save big.

The Experts at TIMBER MART can help you with your project details. They’ll explain your options and help you select the right materials for your budget.

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