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Build a walkway

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A beautifully designed and constructed walkway will be inviting to visitors and will be the backbone of your landscape design.

Typical residential sidewalks connect the driveway to the home’s front entrance and connect the front yard to the backyard. They can also provide a decorative path to the different areas of your landscape.

Curved and meandering sidewalks tend to have a casual look and straight sidewalks can be quite formal so decide on the look that you want. Curved sidewalks should arc gently and not have too many bends so people aren’t tempted to take a shortcut. Straight sidewalks enable you to see all the way to the destination and are a great way to showcase a focal point.

The ideal width of a sidewalk is 5 feet so that two people can walk side-by-side comfortably. A common mistake is making sidewalks too narrow so that people are forced to walk single file.

Your sidewalk should slope away from the house so that water can easily drain. This is especially important for the winter months when standing water can freeze making your sidewalk treacherous. Check with local building codes for the proper slope for your area.

There is a huge variety of materials you can use to build a sidewalk and the choice can be overwhelming. Take into consideration the existing materials and colours of your house, driveway and any connecting patios or decks. Choose a colour that will compliment your house and not necessarily be an exact match. For instance, if you have a red brick home, don’t choose a material that has a red brick colour. Perhaps choose a dark grey that would compliment the red of your brick.

Patio stones and pavers are available in many colours and styles and are an easy DIY project. Pavers have the option to be laid in many patterns and often have a complimenting edger. If you are building more than one sidewalk or pathway on your property, they should all match. You don’t want your property to be a hodgepodge of materials.

Our backyard experts can help you choose the right materials, colour and style for your pathway. See us in-store for materials and advice!

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