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How to choose an entry door

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Deciding on a new front door can be overwhelming with all the different choices. Below are important factors to help you with your decision.


Because an entry door is considered an architectural element, let the style of your home dictate the style of door you choose. There are often many style options to choose from within each architectural style.


Doors come in 3 basic materials: wood, steel and fibreglass. Steel and fibreglass doors are more popular and each offers good energy efficiency, security, durability and maintenance. Which one is better depends on your preference and often your budget. Fibreglass doors can replicate the look of a wood door but with the strength of a steel door.


The size of your door opening will determine if you go for a single door, one sidelite, two sidelites, double doors, or an added transom window above.


Door windows, also called lites, are available in a variety of designs ranging from simple grills to ornate scroll work to more practical internal blinds. This is where you can let your personal style guide your decision.


Door manufacturers offer a range of factory applied colours including stains that mimic woodgrain. If the manufacturer choices are too limited for your imagination, go with factory white and paint your door the exact shade you want.

Slab vs pre-hung

A slab door is just the door by itself. A pre-hung door is a slab door pre-packaged with its own frame and hinges. A slab is less expensive and a good choice if you are replacing an existing door that has a sound frame. Pre-hung is ideal if your existing door frame needs replacing or if you want to enlarge the door opening.

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