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How to build a range hood cover

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Give your kitchen a custom look by building a stylish range hood cover. Start with a range exhaust fan that has all the controls on the bottom and not on the front or sides. Then it’s a matter of building a frame for the fan to attach to and exhausting it outdoors.

Be sure to install your range hood at the correct height for the type of stove you have. A popular trend today is a free-standing range hood flanked by open shelving which makes it easier to build the frame.

Building a range hood cover within a row of existing cabinets will mean removing the cabinet doors above the fan and attaching the frame to the side cabinets and the back wall. Be sure to enclose the underside of the fan so there are no gaps for grease to collect.

There are hundreds of styles and finishes of range hood covers available, choose one that goes with the style of your kitchen cabinets and jives with your level of DIY skills.

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