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Choosing the right construction adhesive

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Of all the adhesives, a construction adhesive is the strongest. They are used to bond larger pieces of material together and offer high initial tack that can fill joints & gaps in multiple materials. There are several important properties to consider when choosing the right one for your outdoor project, including final bond strength and flexibility, application conditions, adhesion to different substrates, durability, and weather resistance. In addition, there are several different technologies that exist as well, all with their advantages and disadvantages.

With all of that in mind, choosing the right adhesive can be challenging! Fortunately, LePage has a line of easy-to-use, versatile construction adhesives that can meet all your project needs, inside or outside. If you are working on a project in an area that is prone to varied weather conditions, then you want your exterior adhesive to hold up – like LePage No More Nails ® Ultimate Crystal Clear. This glue is ideal for bonding common materials such as wood, concrete, brick, stone, and masonry, as it is designed to grab and hold instantly. This helps to reduce the need for bracing and nailing, with the adhesive essentially acting as a second set of hands, allowing you to get the job done quicker.

Additionally, No More Nails ® Ultimate Crystal Clear is formulated to work in wet conditions and can even bond two non-porous surfaces together, which most construction adhesives cannot do. Lastly, this product is resistant against extreme temperatures from -18° C to 38° C, and is crystal clear during application and after cure, allowing you to achieve clean, professional results.


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