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Create a solid foundation for tiles

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Tile in a bathroom has become a statement of style in recent years. It is a durable and practical solution that can withstand direct contact with water.

Because of this, a strong, waterproof foundation for your shower area is extremely important for longevity and structural soundness. Cement board is by far the best product to use to ensure outstanding moisture resistance. It is the heaviest type of drywall, is cut with a knife or jig saw and uses concrete screws instead of drywall screws.

When installing, there are specific steps that should be followed to ensure your shower structure remains dry.

First, start with a vapour barrier behind the board and use a single piece to avoid seams. Make it oversized and trim after the cement board is installed on top. Space cement board with gaps between sheets. Cover gaps and corners with fibreglass mesh tape and thin-set mortar to lock them together. Also add tape and mortar where regular drywall and cement board meet. On top of the cement board, add a waterproof barrier that will be directly behind the tile. Once this is installed, you are ready to tile.

Following the proper steps when preparing your walls, and not taking shortcuts, will ensure your shower structure is strong, safe and dry. Find out how to install HardieBacker Cement Board below, and head into your local TIMBER MART for supplies.

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